Disney’s New Show The Owl House Gets Slammed By One Million Moms Group As ‘Evil Content’


Disney’s New Show The Owl House Gets Slammed By One Million Moms Group As ‘Evil Content’

Disney’s The Owl House is only halfway through its first season, but it has already attracted the ire of One Million Moms.

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Christians Disturbed Over Owl House’s Bi Character Inclusion

One million mom and so many other Christians just need to get over that tiny ass hill that says that having characters who represent the real world is a bad thing and join the rest of us in this living breathing world where inclusion MATTERS to people.

Original link: https://friendlyatheist.patheos.com/2020/08/21/conservative-christians-warn-of-dangerous-disney-cartoon-with-bisexual-lead/

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Bad news for the owl house fans

One Million Moms is going after this show.

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